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Division of Taxation

Employer Withholding Forms

Return Number Return Name Type Year
Employer's Quarterly Reports - Online  
NJ-927W Employer's Quarterly Reports - Online  
NJ-927-H Domestic Employer's Annual Return - Online  
M-6025 W-2 Sample - Reporting Guidelines
  A Notice To Employers - Electronic Filing Mandate for Employer Year-End Filings and Statements  
  Withholding Rate Tables
NJ-WT New Jersey Gross Income Tax Instruction Booklet and samples for Employers, Payors of Pension and Annuity Income and Payors
of Gambling Winnings (Rev. 12/19)
NJ-W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate  
NJ-W-4P Certificate of Voluntary Withholding of Gross Income Tax from Pension and Annuity Payments  
NJ-550 Monthly Return of Withholding from Unregistered Unincorporated Contractors  
GMB-5 Monthly Report of New Jersey Gross Income Tax Withheld from Gambling Winnings  
NJ-W-3-UNC Annual Reconciliation Of Gross Income Tax Withheld From Unregistered Unincorporated Contractors (Schedule NJ-W-3-UNC)  
NJ-W-3G Year-End Reporting - Gross Income Tax Schedule for Computing Amount Withheld From Employee Wages and Gambling Winnings  
NJ-W-3M Gross Income Tax Reconciliation of Tax Withheld  
Supplemental NJ-WT Gross Income Tax Supplemental Withholding Tables - Effective On and After January 1, 2005  
NJ-EFW2 Specifications for Reporting New Jersey W-2 Information via Electronic Filing
DCC-1 Request for Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns  

Last Updated: Thursday, 02/13/20