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File & Payment Options - Personal Income Tax
  • Make a Payment for:
    • A Balance Due on Return
    • An Estimated Payment
    • View Estimated Payment History
    • An Extension of Time to File
  • Pay/View a Prior Balance Due (bills that are less than 60 days old may not be listed)
  • Where to Mail Your Payment
  • Approved Payment Plan Payments
  • File an Income Tax Return
  • File & Payment Options - Business Taxes & Fees
    Helpful Tips - Respond to a Notice or Bill
    Don't ignore a bill. If you do not respond to a notice or pay a bill, we may begin collection activity. If you are having trouble paying the full amount, you should contact us as soon as possible. There may be other options.

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    Helpful Tips - Has a Private Collector Called About NJ taxes?
    Pioneer Credit Recovery is currently contracted by the New Jersey Division of Taxation to assist in the collection of underpaid and unfiled State taxes. If you want to know more, see Learn More below.

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    Helpful Tips - Help With NJ Taxes Owed
    We help financially distressed taxpayers meet their tax obligations. If you are a struggling with taxes, please use the button below to see your available options.

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    Last Updated: Monday, 02/10/20